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Dealing with insurance companies, unpaid bills, and looming hospital costs should be the least of your concerns if you’ve recently been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence. Receive the compensation for lost wages, payment of medical bills, permanent partial disability, wage loss compensation, and or permanent total disability benefits that your entitled to when you contact the Law Office of Daryl A. Crosthwaite in Cincinnati, OH. I have 30 years of experience in Ohio workers comp and social security, serving clients with attentive and personalized legal services. As the most sought-after Ohio workers’ comp lawyer in the region, we will aggressively fight for our desired outcome.

If you’ve been hurt while on the job, I will fight for you. Concentrating in Ohio workers compensation, I am dedicated to obtaining the maximum amount for your claim. I represent the hardworking individuals of our community and will use our extensive experience to guide you successfully through the process. If your claim or benefits have been denied or has not adequately compensated you, you can rest easy knowing you’ll have an experienced workers comp lawyer your side when you reach out to us.

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You don’t deserve to suffer due to someone else’s carelessness or recklessness. If you’re recovering from an accident and struggling to make ends meet, I will  work to ensure you receive the financial compensation necessary to pay for medical bills and loss of wages. After assessing the evidence, documentation, and locating any witnesses, we’ll build a solid case that will guarantee you’re compensated fairly.

The Law Office of Daryl A. Crosthwaite will do whatever we can to serve your best interests and bring you the justice you deserve. Call to schedule your consultation with workers’ comp lawyer to discuss your case.